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2.5 Compiling

Once the build system has been created, simply compile Marsyas using whatever tools was specified as the generator with cmake. IN Unix/OS X that is typically make. There are other possibilities for example to use XCode in OS X do:

     cmake -G Xcode ../src/

On Windows there different options such as generate a project file for Visual Studio, compiling from commandline using nmake or using the MinGW toolchain. More specific instructions for some configurations can be found in Specific installation examples.

On Unix, use make install to install Marsyas. There is no functionality to install Marsyas outside of the source tree on Windows.

2.5.1 Testing

Marsyas contains some unit tests and black-box tests. They do not test a great deal of Marsyas, but running them is still recommended. On Unix, simply run make test. On MSVC on Windows, build the RUN-TESTS project.