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2.3 Configuring with CMake

CMake produces build systems as desired – Makefiles on Linux / MacOS X / Cygwin, XCode projects on MacOS X, and MSVC projects on Windows. It can also create Eclipse and KDevelop3 projects.

2.3.1 Windows

  1. Run the CMake GUI.
  2. Select the Marsyas src directory.
  3. Select a new directory in which to build Marsyas.
  4. Press the Configure button.
  5. View the selected options, and change any as desired. If you change any options, run Configure... again.
  6. Press the Ok button to create the build system.

2.3.2 Unix (including MacOS X)

  1. Open the terminal, create a directory for the build, and run ccmake:
              cd MY-MARSYAS-DIR
              mkdir build
              cd build
              ccmake ../src/
  2. Press [c] to begin the configuration. Once you have finished changing options, press [c] to configure the project again. Enabling certain options may add new options to configure. Repeat until you are satisfied with the selected options.
  3. To see advanced options, press [t].
  4. After changing the final options, press [g] to generate the build system.