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MarSystem Class Reference

MarSystem transforms a realvec. More...

#include <MarSystem.h>

Inherited by AbsMax, AbsSoundFileSink, AbsSoundFileSource, AbsSoundFileSource2, AccentFilterBank, Accumulator, AdditiveOsc, ADRess, ADRessSpectrum, ADRessStereoSpectrum, ADSR, AimBoxes, AimGammatone, AimHCL, AimHCL2, AimLocalMax, AimPZFC, AimPZFC2, AimSAI, AimSSI, AimVQ, AliasingOsc, AMDF, ANN_node, Annotator, APDelayOsc, ArffFileSink, AubioYin, AudioSink, AudioSinkBlocking, AudioSource, AudioSourceBlocking, AutoCorrelation, AutoCorrelationFFT, AveragingPattern, BaseAudioSink, BeatAgent, BeatHistoFeatures, BeatHistogram, BeatHistogramFromPeaks, BeatPhase, BeatReferee, BeatTimesSink, BICchangeDetector, Biquad, BlitOsc, CARFAC, Cartesian2Polar, Cascade, Centroid, Chroma, ChromaScale, ClassificationReport, ClassOutputSink, Clip, Combinator, CompExp, Compressor, Confidence, ConstQFiltering, CrossCorrelation, CsvFileSource, Daub4, DCSource, Deinterleave, DeInterleaveSizecontrol, Delay, DelaySamples, Delta, DeltaFirstOrderRegression, Differentiator, DownSampler, DPWOsc, DTW, DTWWD, Energy, EnhADRess, EnhADRessStereoSpectrum, Envelope, ERB, Esitar, F0Analysis, Fanin, Fanout, FanOutIn, Filter, FlowCutSource, FlowThru, Flux, FM, FMeasure, FullWaveRectifier, Gain, GaussianClassifier, GMMClassifier, HalfWaveRectifier, HarmonicEnhancer, HarmonicStrength, HWPS, Inject, InvSpectrum, KNNClassifier, Krumhansl_key_finder, Kurtosis, Limiter, LPC, LPCC, LSP, LyonAgc, LyonChannelDiff, LyonPassiveEar, LyonZeroOutPreEmph, MarFileSink, MarSystemTemplateAdvanced, MarSystemTemplateBasic, MarSystemTemplateMedium, MatchBassModel, MathPower, MaxArgMax, MaxMin, McAulayQuatieri, Mean, MeanAbsoluteDeviation, MeddisHairCell, Median, MedianFilter, Memory, MemorySource, Metric, Metric2, MFCC, MidiFileSynthSource, MidiInput, MidiOutput, MinArgMin, MixToMono, Mono2Stereo, Negative, NoiseGate, NoiseSource, Norm, Normalize, NormalizeAbs, NormCut, NormMatrix, NormMaxMin, OnePole, OneRClassifier, OnsetTimes, OrcaSnip, OverlapAdd, Panorama, Parallel, ParallelMatrixWeight, PatchMatrix, PCA, Peak2Rms, PeakClusterSelect, PeakConvert, PeakConvert2, PeakDistanceHorizontality, PeakEnhancer, Peaker, PeakerAdaptive, PeakerOnset, PeakFeatureSelect, PeakInObservation, PeakLabeler, PeakMask, PeakPeriods2BPM, PeakRatio, PeakResidual, PeakSynthFFT, PeakSynthOsc, PeakSynthOscBank, PeakViewMerge, PeakViewSink, PeakViewSource, PhaseLock, PhiSEMFilter, PhiSEMSource, Pitch2Chroma, PitchDiff, PlotSink, Plucked, Polar2Cartesian, Power, PowerSpectrum, PowerToAverageRatio, Product, PvConvert, PvConvolve, PvFold, PvMultiResolution, PvOscBank, PvOverlapadd, PvUnconvert, PWMSource, RadioDrumInput, RBF, RealvecSink, RealvecSource, Reassign, Reciprocal, RemoveObservations, Resample, ResampleBezier, ResampleLinear, ResampleNearestNeighbour, ResampleSinc, Reverse, Rms, Rolloff, RunningAutocorrelation, RunningStatistics, SCF, Selector, SelfSimilarityMatrix, SeneffEar, Series, SFM, Shifter, ShiftInput, ShiftOutput, Shredder, Signum, SilenceRemove, SimilarityMatrix, SimulMaskingFft, SineSource, Skewness, SliceDelta, SliceShuffle, SMO, SNR, SOM, SoundFileSink, SoundFileSource, SoundFileSource2, SoundFileSourceHopper, SpectralCentroidBandNorm, SpectralFlatnessAllBands, SpectralSNR, SpectralTransformations, Spectrum, Spectrum2ACMChroma, Spectrum2Chroma, Spectrum2Mel, Square, StandardDeviation, StereoSpectrum, StereoSpectrumFeatures, StereoSpectrumSources, StretchLinear, Subtract, SubtractMean, Sum, SVMClassifier, TempoHypotheses, TimeFreqPeakConnectivity, TimelineLabeler, TimeStretch, Transposer, TriangularFilterBank, Unfold, UpdatingBassModel, Upsample, Vibrato, ViconFileSource, WaveguideOsc, WaveletBands, WaveletPyramid, WaveletStep, WekaSink, WekaSource, WHaSp, Whitening, Windowing, Yin, ZeroCrossings, and ZeroRClassifier.

Public Member Functions

bool linkControl (std::string cname1, std::string cname2, bool update=true)
 Link controls.
virtual std::istream & put (std::istream &is)
 The opposite of toString() and put() above, read in the parameters for a system.
virtual std::ostream & put_html (std::ostream &o)
 Output the MarSystem as an HTML document with nested lists.
void setMATLABscript (std::string script)
 MATLAB scripting.
virtual void setName (std::string name)
 Naming methods.

Protected Member Functions

std::string getControlRelativePath (std::string cname) const
 control paths
MarSystemoperator= (const MarSystem &)
 Assignment operator (should never be called!) [!].

Protected Attributes

std::string absPath_
mrs_natural c
 observation and time index //[!]
std::map< std::string,
MarControlPtr > 
mrs_natural count_
 scheduling purposes
bool isUpdating_
 value which is added to inStabilizingDelay to produce onStabilizingDelay. Defaults to 0.
std::vector< MarSystem * > marsystems_
std::string name_
 Name of instance.
 Parent MarSystem (if in a composite, otherwise it's NULL)
std::string prefix_
std::string type_
 Type of MarSystem.


marsyas_EXPORT friend
std::ostream & 
operator<< (std::ostream &, MarSystem &)
 the usual stream IO
marsyas_EXPORT friend
std::istream & 
operator>> (std::istream &, MarSystem &)
 controls serialization methods

Detailed Description

MarSystem transforms a realvec.

Abstract base class for any type of system. Basically a MarSystem takes as input a vector of float numbers (realvec) and produces a new vector (possibly with different dimensionality). Different types of computation can be used. MarSystems are the core processing blocks of Marsyas including transformations like FFT, Filter as well as feature extractors like Spectral Centroid.

Controls: (these are inherited by all MarSystems)

Definition at line 86 of file MarSystem.h.

Field Documentation

std::string absPath_ [protected]

/parent0Type/parent0Name/.../parentNType/parentNName/type_/name_/ in case this MarSystem is part of a composite this is the absolute path to it

Definition at line 114 of file MarSystem.h.

Referenced by MarSystem::getControlRelativePath(), and MarSystem::setName().

bool isUpdating_ [protected]

value which is added to inStabilizingDelay to produce onStabilizingDelay. Defaults to 0.

is true while inside ::update() -> used for children to check if an update came from their parent

Definition at line 179 of file MarSystem.h.

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