Ideas for getting involved

The goal of this page is to provide some ideas for how you can get involved with the development process of Marsyas. We know from personal experience that getting involved with an open source project can be hard or even intimidating to newcomers (actually even to veterans if they are unfamiliar with a particular piece of the code). The Marsyas developer community strives to be very open and supportive of new users and developers. This list of ideas was initiated as part of our application to the Google Summer of Code 2008 but will be continuously updated independently of the outcome of our application. The ideas are ranked based on difficulty (1-5). The difficulty rating is based on both amount of programming required as well as the intellectual challenge of the problem being solved.

Although some of the tasks are based on generic software engineering and programming skills, most of them would benefit from interest and knowledge about audio signal processing, machine learning and human-computer interaction. In fact if you are interested in learning more about programming efficient audio analysis, retrieval and synthesis systems Marsyas would be a great framework to try. For the difficult tasks knowledge of C++ and to a lesser extent the Qt framework would be desirable but we are confident that we can find a job for any programmer at any skill level who is motivated.

The list is not exhaustive and we more than welcome your own ideas and suggestions.

Have fun,

The Marsyas Developer Team

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